Wood Recumbents

The weather has been cold and my riding limited so I thought I’d add something of which I’ve had an interest. If you know of other wood recumbent builds please pass them along. TexasTuffATlive.com At one time I did a study of building a N55 Aluminum trike. This trike used an IKEA part to hold the BB in place. I though it might also work for a wood project. The following paragraph I pulled from an old post. I don’t know if these are valid part numbers now.

The last reference I can find is in a 2010 catalog. Maybe there is a cross reference somewhere. I think this is the aluminum clamp used in the pictures to hold the BB to the frame. IKEA 701.066.06 $3.50 Or one with 2 ears IKEA 600.762.85 $3.50 Suspension fitting with 2 holders, aluminium Google these part numbers and see if they are correct. George


 wood bike This is a beautiful wood frame Bacchetta Strada like bike built by BROL member “build a bent”. Beautiful detail.You can find his BROL build thread  here.Here is a link to his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMXiKw0FKhA
pencil bike I’ve always thought this a clever bike. Easy instructions at Instructables.
wood plans Wood you like to build your own wooden lowracer. James Robinson of San Angelo, TX sells plans. Here is a link to his site. I am not endorsing these plans, Just supplying a general interest link to them.
woody6 This is another home builders’ experiences with a couple of recumbent builds. Steve’s Recumbent Bicycle Project page has detailed description of the two bikes he has built.
2x4recumbent Ligneus Bikes has shared his experiences building a 2 X 4 lowracer style recumbent.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Mistress is a beautiful wood and carbon fiber recumbent build. There are also pictures of “Woody”, his first wood build, on this site. Really nice work.This is a must read if you are thinking of building a bike of wood. I have learned a lot from reading his build pages. Thanks Eric.
zelo ooooooooooooooooh! I love this one!

The Zelo is a beautifully designed trike by Zeloko. L’Air du Bois site is in French but Google translates very well. One of the better wood built recumbents I have found. Here is a direct link to The Zelo site.

EDIT: I gone back and re-read this site and many of his techniques could be used in building any wood bike.

If you have access to a CNC you will enjoy watching this video by Rob Alex.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dragonwood Trike by Atomic Builder  Big Moe (David Moeller) 3 wheels and an old crank. Very nice theme trike.EDITOR: My son and I have built several of the Atomic Zombie recumbents. You may find a style of recumbent that you like from the Atomic Zombie plans. Purchase the plans and use the AZ geometry to build your wooden bike/trike.
woodracer Pictorial of a recumbent build.

Plenty of ideas here

 Plywood Recumbent Workshop 2003


Want a Wooden Recumbent?

Tom Kabat’s driftwood recumbent: 

Looks like an affordable recumbent. I like it.

Need link If anyone has a link for this, please pass it along to texastuff@live.comThanks
studio_003 This is an electric powered trike but I include this in my collection to show some of the builders techniques. Here is the link to Rennholz.The builder in this case is using laminated bamboo. I’ll see if I can find a source for laminated bamboo lumber.
peterharris A recumbent by Peter Harris. I’ve not found other information.
lothar What beautiful craftsmanship on this wood tadpole. Lothar Kochtokrax is the builder of this 44 lb beauty. The seat looks great also. Here is a link to the BROL thread that Lother started. Lother has also supplied us a link to his pictures.
Plywood Liggist has a very nice recumbent of plywood. You can find pictures of the build on his site.
woodbike This is a French site but Chrome does a nice job of converting to English.

Very nice bike made of wood.


Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell  Keep this link

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