After following the build on Atomic Zombie of a velo and the associated links that have been posted in that thread, I now have a commitment to building a velo cover for my AZ delta trike. This is also driven by a recent all to close dog attack down the road from where I live. Maybe it will be protection from the occasional thrown object from a passing car also.
Here I am just saving some of the links as I find them. Primarily home built. I really like the velo from Walmart camping pad idea. Have to look into this more. Is it ridged enough? I’ll be interested in a touring model more than a speed demon. I have a friend that owns a sign shop where they wrap cars and trucks. Maybe I can get this whole thing wrapped in vinyl after it’s finished. Maybe some cool graphics also.

Keep in mind that I am building this for touring, not speed or cool looks. I doubt if I would ever be successful at the speed or cool looks. It will need to carry a load and have room for comfort inside.

So, here’s what my specs will be.
Weather proof – from rain and cold. I know I can’t do anything about the heat.
Room to carry a lot – the primary purpose of my trike is touring. If not touring, replace the functions of my car.

Warrier Build Velo AZ

The one that got me really looking again. Can I really do this. Yep. By spring ’12? I like his very systematic approach to building.

I’m watching this one as it happens. I don’t know if it really has a name yet.

Pat Eaton is in the process of finishing a very nice velomobile built on the AtomicZombie DeltaWolfframe. I’ve enjoyed watching this project unfold on the AtomicZombie Forum.   I also have a DeltaWolf and plan to start soon on my velomobile. Job well done, Pat.

AZ is such a varied forum. No telling what you will find there.

Dannyk Velo

This one really peaked my interest. Looks like he’s gone commercial. At $1400 it seems reasonable if you look at the $10,000 to $15,000 velos on the market. Made from Walmart Camping Pad. My fav at this point.

Here is a vid of this neat velo.

and another vid
Here is another of his builds.

MuleE II Richard Myers

Richard Myers second build using Walmart Camping Pad

Trike Trek

Trike Trek Guys – What an effort

Their vid’s are neat to watch also.

Bowen’s Trikes is another site with a lot of home builders info including a velo. Good looking job with pink foam and glass overlay.

Lee Wakefield’s very nice design.

Velobug by Lightfoot

Lightfoot Velo Bug. design. I’m sure this design is not a fovorite of the racing guys, but it has features that might fit my DeltaWolf. My DW is lower so the cab would not be as tall as this. Bring it down and enclose the front and rear wheels and all of a sudden, I’m longer and lower while maintaining what looks like a very easy build.

FST Viper

Lightfoot has other two other velo models coming out in 2012. FST Viper shown here. Vid’s on their website.  Two and three wheel model announced.

Not really showing pictures yet, but maybe this has something to do with it. It’s also been racing somewhere. Oh golly, gotta wait.

Hooooot! Hoooot!
They’ll think I’m a train a coming.


Alford’s All weather solution

Nice option for bad weather travel.


Not what we normally think of as a velo but I find this ragtop useful and interesting. Check it out HERE.

Spollen Bros Zote Foam

Spollen Brothers Bake Zote Foam build.


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