Coroplast Construction

If your considering Coroplast, this Facebook Group is a must read. You can get your questions answered here. Velomobiles – Coroplast. 

Orin Peters VM

orinpvmIf I wanted to ask someone to give me full fairing build lessons, Orin Peters would be at the top of the list. This isn’t his first rodeo, he has a couple of other builds behind him. This is one of the smoother Coroplast builds I have seen.

You can scroll through the Velomobiles – Coroplast Facebooik site to find Orion Peters build information. You can also search Orion Peters on the Coroplast site. Bertween Orion Peters and the other experienced VM builders, the Velomobiles – Coroplast Facebooik site is a must read for a new VM builder.

Coroplast Bullet

BROL’er, Rick OBrien, (robrien24) Has a near complete full fairing for his ICE Sprint RS. Rick’s modular approach to building is unique and looks strong, lightweight with great aesthetics. His complete build information can be found on this BROL thread.


Facet V1 Velomobile

Here is a new build of Coroplast by Jeff-o on BentRider Online and he has made a super Instructable of his build. This is one of my favorites of Coroplast. Jeff has done an exceptional job of outlining his steps from computer modeling to his research of gluing methods. I love his chose of color for the full fairing on his trike. Way to go Jeff.

DeltaWolf Velomobile of Coroplast

Pat Eaton is in the process of finishing a very nice velomobile built on the AtomicZombie DeltaWolf frame. I’ve enjoyed watching this project unfold on the AtomicZombie Forum.   I also have a DeltaWolf and plan to start soon on my velomobile. Job well done, Pat.

Gerry Strope Velo

Here is a build I watched on AZ from the start. Gerry Strope has done an excellent job on his DIY project. You can catch his blog here. Here





Gerry Strope has built a second velomobile fairing. Much more aerodynamic, at least to the eye. More pictures of Gerry’s fine build may be found here.

Gerry Stope Velo

Below you will find assorted links in no particular order.

I guess to start it off, here is the Coropalst Home Page.

This thread on Bent Rider Online has a wealth on links to other’s builds. Here   I’m sorry if some of the links are dead.

Here are 2 builds by Paul Jones. I really like the second one. Smooth  Here

Here is the Warp Drive by Eric Warp Here

Brad Teubner’s HPV Projects Here

Brad Teubner’s Building the Orange II Velomobile Here
Second on the page is a touring version.

Brad Teubner’s Winter Cab Version 2 Here

Russell J Dwarshuis Coroplast Build Here

John Foltz’s Wheel Disk Here

Garrie Hil’s information is priceless.
Garrie’s Coroplast Presentation & lots of construction info. Here

Bill Volk’s Coroplast Craziness Page! Here

Warren Beauchamp Practical (and inexpensive) HPV Fairing Here


How to Build a Streamliner Warren Beauchamp Here

Fairing Seminar 3-28-98 by Ed Gin Here Must Read Here

You Tube

Coroplast scoring tool. Here

Fairing Coroplast with a Hand Plane Here

Trike Trek 11- coroplast fairing Here Supplies

Zotefoam Information, maybe it will take a page of it’s own. Here

Notes on gluing Coroplast

How to glue Coroplast from

This thread from bentrideronline dates back to 2006 – There may be better info now. post this information. This is copied from their FAQ page.

Q: Is it possible to bond or glue two pieces of Coroplast together?

A: Polypropylene is great for many uses due to the fact that it is resistant to chemicals; unfortunately the same properties make it difficult to bond using chemical bonding agents. However, several products have been developed recently by companies such as 3M that are designed to bond polypropylene structurally. Coroplast has not yet tested these products fully. 3M’s Scotch-Weld™ Structural Plastic Adhesive DP-8005 is available from Grainger and other distributors for industrial use.

Heat welding with proper tools is an excellent method to bond two sheets of Coroplast®.


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