Python, Airbike, Flevobike

This cargo bike raised many questions for me today.  This page is holding information I’m collecting on Python and Flevobikes while I sort out the geometry of these and similar cargo bikes.

On the Atomic Zombie Forum, I found an explanation by the inventor of the S’trike, “Don’t think of it as a trike, it is a unicycle with a trailer attached.”  That enlightened my understanding somewhat, but at the same time it raised more questions. That makes it easy to understand, but which part are we riding on, the unicycle or the trailer? I’ve seen it both ways, the seat on the trailer and the seat on the unicycle. Are they both pythons?

Here are a few links I’ve found on starting my endeavor  to understand.

This is what started my quest. Is this a python?

John Lewis directed me to this site with the SUV from Organic Engines. If not a python, then what?

Plans for building a Python.

When I was a young man, I bought a horse. This horse had the unique ability to jump sideways without warning and leave me in mid-air. You might like to read my recollection of these events as I compare my horse to the python.

Whoa! Whoa!!!! Whoooooooooa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good ride commute to town Again the child carrier The child got older, thus a new python SUV. And as the child grows.


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