DeltaWolf Recumbent Delta Trike

Barnett Williams Style Seat

After several months of riding my DeltaWolf without a paint job, it is finally finished. I have changed the angle of the headtube from the first build, went through several seats including the Atomic Zombie Style seat, the anATOMic Seat that I liked very much but finally settled on the Barnett Williams Style seat. The Barnett Williams Style seat has smoothed out the ride on this un-suspended DeltaWolf and made it very comfortable to ride for long periods of time. Even on the rough country roads that I ride in East Texas, it is an easy ride.

If any homebrew bike is ever finished, the DeltaWolf is now painted, has a seat that I am happy with and this part of the journey is finished.

Next will be a velo body for the DeltaWolf. At this point I am thinking it will be a skin on fabric, at least that will be my first try.

Here it is in it’s holloween costume, safety orange and black. This has been a fun project and I hope to have many years of enjoyment with it. Maybe even a US tour. I still am looking for a single tract bike to try out also. Something like an Atomic Zombie Spirit or a ADC Mark II Clone.

My son was the main crew member of this project. He did all the welding and I appreciate all his help as well at the time we spent together. Thanks David.




DeltaWolf started November 2011

This past weekend my son, David_s for the Zombies that are out there, my grandson and I got together and built a 50/50 DeltaWolf/Commercial trike. The front is DeltaWolf and the rear is off an EZ-3.

This was a two day build with another day of trying to find where each other put down a wrench and running out for parts.

It’s not the intent of this article to detail the build. The front half of this is standard DeltaWolf plans from Atomic The rear end is a salvaged from a Sun SX EZ-3 I bought for $75.00. Plans for building 6 recumbent bikes from Atomic are very reasonable at $29.95 and you can get a wide assortment of styles.

On the rear of the EZ-3 rear end is a 50 link chain with a 1/2 inch pitch. If you ever need one, Tractor Supply has them. Lucky find on a Sunday morning. BTW minimum purchase was 10 feet, I have an 8′ supply left over if your in the market.

If the weather allows, I’ll try to get some paint on it this week.

Here is a very short movie of the DeltaWolf

 The DeltaWolf is now my daily ride.

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