Recumbent Links

As the weather turns cold and I’m not riding as much I though I would compose a list of recumbent sites for myself. If you use this list and find dead links or have links you would like to add to my list send an email to  texastuffATliveDOTcom

I’ll be working on this project for quite some time. I’ll be adding categories to this page as time permits. Since I spend much of my computer time on Recumbent Forums that becomes my first category.

Recumbent Forums
Recumbent Blogs
Recumbent Manufacturers
Velomobile Manufacturers
ETC. . .



Lots and Lots of links 
http:The Forum Vélorizontal//

Extra good Links Page

Very Good Links Page Zombie BEST

Rickey M Horwitz Recumbent Trike Plans GOOD

International Human Power Vehicle Association

I’m pretty sure the Lightfoot commuter cycle is formed out of Coroplast. But with lots of attention to detail fit and finish.

Here are some links to sites and videos to show how others have worked with this material. Hope it helps.

Good information about Brakes

html tables


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