One comment on “Who approved this 14 degree stuff?

  1. Hi
    How are you. I’ve read your blog’s on Flevobikes and such. Great information! I’m a very competent
    diamond frame rider & ex (real) not wannabe road racer. (Cat B Philly area 72 & 73). I’ve recently gotten into bents and and have purchased what appears to be a very early production FlevoBike. I pride myself in my riding skills both on bicycles & motorcycles, and can ride just about
    anything. I was completely surprised when I tried riding the Flevo and did not instinctively settle
    into it. At present I’m converting it to a low racer with 20″ wheels. It came with 26’s. I also have a
    Bachetta Giro with 650’s. I like it but it will never be what I want. I’ve been spoiled by quality diamond frames that I have built in the past and most recumbents, although possibly very fast, will never
    match the handling and quality of a well make diamond frame.
    I’m very close to completing the flevo conversion, which included adding caliper brakes
    front & back. It came with a Magura Hydraulic on the front only. Let’s hope that this geometry
    change assists me in shortening my learning curve on the Flevo.

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