DIY No-weld Recumbent Trikes and Bikes

I have a defibrillator implant and I’m not supposed to weld. A bolt together aluminum trike would be one of my options to continue building and have a lighter trike than I have now.

I’m starting this page for information on bolt together bikes and trikes.


Here is one of Ron’s videos for Hombolt 2.
This is a video of Rich Richardson and his Raptor bolt together trike that Ron got much of his inspiration from.

Aluminium tilting and camber wheeled trik

lBROL user Bryxon has built a very nice aluminum tilting trike with camber front wheels. I see the N55 influence on his work.

The thread to his build may be found here. 



BROL member driewiel (Ron) has built a very nice bolt together aluminum frame trike and followed that up with one for his uncle.  His Tribolt Trike site is here.   It contains information and beginner plans for building the Tribolt Trike.


This is a very nice trike by Merrill Gay.

Here is a video of Merrill Gay’s Coroplast faired trike.  
And here are pictures of his build.



Here are links to post I made in my blog on the N-55 project. This has a lot of nice features. I especially like the cargo version of the trike. I also see some weaknesses that would be easy to beef up.

Yea or Nay? DIY No-Weld Aluminum Recumbent Trike
No weld cargo/touring trike design.
Additional Resources For No-Weld Trike

Video Of A No Weld Aluminum Trike


No Weld FWD MBB Conversion

This is an Instructable for a no weld version of a FWD MBB bike. It is in two parts

.Part One 

Part Two


DIY recumbent bicycle made from recycled parts

 by amaximow

38 pounds – No Welding – Under $100



I include this bike here for its building technique. In this case, wood becomes the frame but maybe other materials could be used for this unique construction process. I think this is a good idea starter. One of those outside the box things.


2 comments on “DIY No-weld Recumbent Trikes and Bikes

  1. Hi: I need help, I´m working on my own proyect, but I don´t know where I can get some supplies, such like the parts of the front suspension, I live in Mexico City and here, there not are tilting trikes, that´s why I ask your help for you tell me the name of the provider and the model of the mechanism for each front wheels and the disc brakes from the front wheels too (sorry for my grammar) I hope you can help me with it, thank you very much…

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