Since my childhood I’ve enjoyed bicycles. When I was a kid I had a Schwinn that looked somewhat like a 53 Buick. Later I had a English Racer. I think it was a 3 speed hub transmission, but it had skinny tires and hand brakes. I see these bikes on Craigs list now that bring big bucks or at least more than I would like to spend for one.

20 or 25 years ago my son got into bicycle racing and with his friends would go on long rides preparing for this big race or that one. My son had gathered up several old 10 speeds that he kept around the house. One Sunday morning they ask me if I would like to go along. I made it maybe 2 miles and departed their company. I walked the bike back home. I just recently told that story to my son. Over time I could ride further and further and we spent many miles riding together.

Recently we have a renewed interest in bicycles and riding and a keen interest in recumbent bikes. That’s what this blog is about, our new journey into recumbent building and where it goes from there.

These notes are more for me keeping track of my interest and links to others of interest in the hobby. Very well if you get some use from it also.


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  1. Hi !

    My name is Daniel and I am from Austria. For a couple of years I am thinking of building a Velomobile, and now finally decided to act ! 🙂 I need a little help and I would be really thankful if you could send me links or ideas how to start. My problem is the aerodynamic shell, which I have seen they are making it with kind of plywood slices, and filling out the gaps with some foam, and then they start putting on it fiberglass. So my question is how can I make those slices? is there any program I’ve heard about CAD but seems very difficult. This is what I am talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QzFazhwuO4

    Thank you very much in advance !

    Daniel …

  2. Great recumbent blog! I’ve been riding a bent since I built a long wheel base in ’93 and now have a RANS V3 and just this past week got a used P-38 Lightning…..thank you for gathering up all of this fine information for bent riders! Rick (guitarinternational.com) – I’m also into guitars and writing.

    • Nice to meet you Rick. I’m just learning to play the guitar, again. I took lessons 60 years ago. I have on order a dobro that should be here in a few days. I’m also making a lap steel but that won’t be ready for several weeks. At 70 I’m just trying to keep my mind busy. Looks like you have a nice site, I’ll spend some more time there later this week.

  3. Hi, my name is Lisaa and I am from Korea.
    There is no cargo bike in Korea so me and my friends are experimenting and trying to make cargo bike so we can do some fun projects through cargo bike such as moving theater, gallery, concert and market. At the moment, we found N55 aluminum trike manual on website and we managed to complete the frame of the trike, but we just can’t figure out how the bb and crank is put together. i’ve researched on website for hours and hours but couldn’t get any information. And now I found your blog, you seem to have lots of information and great idea on bike and trike with no welding. If it doesn’t bother you, could you please tell us what size and type of bb is used in N55 cargo trike? Thank you. And if you also have any questions or want to know more about our bikes and projects, we can also share. I would love to keep in contact and discuss more about bikes 🙂

    • I think this is the aluminum clamp used in the pictures to hold the BB to the frame. IKEA 701.066.06 $3.50. It uses a standard BB.
      Or one with 2 ears IKEA 600.762.85 $3.50 Suspension fitting with 2 holders, aluminium
      He has been very ingenious with his use of bicycle parts in this build. He has almost made them look like custom manufactured parts.
      These are old part numbers but it is a place for you to start. Maybe you should contact IKEA and see if they still handle this part. I think it was a part for shelving.
      There is a picture of the bracet here. https://texasrecumbents.wordpress.com/wood-bikes/ This part could also be used on wood recumbents.

      Good luck.

  4. Hi i am please i found your blog. I am from South Africa where there is about no trikes or bents. I build my first trike completely out of old bike frames the works. But to my pitte the frames is to weak when you join them. My second trike is a low racer 20/20 entry level for my wife. I am also now 74 years old.
    Thanks for all the info that you give.
    Good Luck


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