DeltaWolf Hub Motor

As I age and heart and lung function goes down hill a bit, I’ve started looking at adding an electric hub motor to my somewhat heavy trike. I got a small hub motor in a trade and bought a couple of 12 v 20 ah batteries and just like that I’m rolling on flat ground at 15 mph. One hill on my daily ride is quite steep and I struggle to maintain 3 or 4 mph. With the hub assist I’m now running 10 mph with about 50% of my effort. I’m pleased for the investment I’ve made. I’m under $100 in this setup. Eventually plans are for a 750 watt motor and 48 v 20 ah LiFePo4. When my boat comes in.

DeltaWolf with Hubmotor

DeltaWolf with Hub Motor

Hub Motor

350 Watt Hub Motor

Torque Arm 1

I didn’t want to manufacture a torque bar so I just put on a 10 mm wrench. I didn’t trust the torque washer that came with the motor.

Torque Arm 2

I’ll pickup a suitable clamp on my next trip into town.

New handle bars in prepparation for velomobile body.

Handle bars 1 handle bars 2

Today I turned the DelaWold into more of a utility vehicle with addition of a somewhat heavy duty bed. Also putting on a temporary shade cover to get me through the rest of the summer.

Trike new bed Trike new bed two


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