DIY Front Wheel Hubs

AZ user Fezza has a great DIY solution for front wheel trike hubs.

You can find the Atomic Zombie thread here.

3 Cross Wheel Lacing tutorial from Atomic Zombie

Brad and Kat of Atomic Zombie fame have released a new tutorial on wheel construction. As with all the AZ family of tutorials,  3 Cross Wheel Lacing is well presented and will enable most people to see their way through the construction and lacing of a bicycle wheel. The tutorial contains several helpful videos.

I came across an interesting four-part article:

“Master Mechanic – Wheel Building Series” by Eric Hjertberg
Originally appeared in Bicycling magazine in 1986

The four parts of the article are:

Build Your Own Wheels

Lacing and Tensioning Spokes

Truing by Tension

Wheel Care and Repair

Thought this might be a good supplement as there’s quite a bit of useful information, well organized.

You Tube How to Lace a 48 spoke wheel.

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If your into building your own hubs and need a way to evenly space the spoke holes, this online program may help. Just put in the number of primary spokes you need and set the secondary to 0. It will produce a PDF file that you can print and glue to your hub for drilling. You may need to play with the settings to get the diameter you want. http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/polar/


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