Wood Velomobile

Wood bodied velomobiles.

terry plywood BROL user Terry built this very nice velomobile using mahogany door skin. Here is the link to Terry’s build thread on BROL.
cedar terry Terry then followed it up with a cedar strip velomobile. I thought I saw a build thread on this but I can’t find it now.  Here is his introductory thread on BROL.


Titus van den Brink of Brenda, Netherlands built this plywood velomobile. Velomobile of plywood for the home builder.  Here is a link to information on his build.
Sakuho plywood This plywood velomobile was built by BROL member  Sakuho. Here is a link to his build thread. Here is a link to a video. And here is another.And here is one of his wooden trikes. Beautiful.
bricycle BricycleThis is one of the first velomobiles I posted in my blog and still one of my favorites. Bricycle is an interesting read by an interesting gentleman. This is not the lowest, fastest recumbent on the road but a very usable commuter. Mr Brice seems to have some good woodworking skills.Here is a link to his home page which contains several links to videos of the Bricycle.
Friend mkII No list would be complete without entries of the fabulous build by Friend Wood.Here is a link to the Friend Wood wooden MK II
Table Cell Reserved
ecomobile Bill ‘Major Dude’ Pocock and the EcoRocket. A couple of years ago I read of the coast to coast Canadian crossing. Stay up till early in the morning reading their log. There was at one time a web site feactering the build of the EcoRockket but I can no longer find it. The cedar strip build held up to the crossing.
sakuholma caravan Although not a velomobile, I love this very functional piece of wooden art by Sakari Holma. Here is a demonstration of its use.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA This velomobile was built by Finnish builder Veikko Rantanen in the 1980’s. I used to have pictures on the inside but can’t find them now. I’ll keep trying.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kC2dOeI7QY And the Cedar Quest – more info to come.
  Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell
Article about Friend Wood
Study later (note to me)


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