FWD MBB Recumbent

Lately I have seen a lot of builds for FWD MBB (Front Wheel Drive Movable Bottom Bracket) recumbents. This is just a page of links and maybe a few pictures to help me collect information for later use.

There are a lot of claims being made for this design. Time will shake it out.

Links in no particular order. FWD FWS MBB

Of home built FWD MBB’s this is my favorite. Mika (mhelander)  of BROL has built a most impressive welded aluminum bike fashioned after the Cruzbike Vendetta. From Mika’s ride reports, “Poor man’s Vendetta MBB” handles very well. A must read for home builders His ride reports alone are most informative.


Atomic Zombie FrontRubber

FrontRunner Atomic Zombie plans for their FWD MBB fold-able recumbent. You may purchase plans for the FrontRunner and many other recumbent bikes at Atomic Zombies.

Zockra If you want to ride the coolest bike in the world.

Scarab’s MBB Build on BROL. He went through several changes.

Moving Bottom Bracket Front Wheel Drive Geometry Database. Complied by Ed (Atom) on BROL

Atombikes’ Latest MBB FWD bike. Lots of very good information.

Cruzbike Home Page. Commercial FWD MBB

Atombikes V26 Version FWD MBB Plans Ed shares his well designed MBB plans.

DIY recumbent bicycle made from recycled parts FWD MBB on Instructables.  This is such a simple, clean, no weld example of a FWD MBB. I am going to give it a try as soon as I get a donor bike in my hands.

I’ll add others as I have time.

I’m putting this here for reference – I find it interesting.  FWD RWS
I know, it can’t be done. Can it?



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