Vision R40 – My daily ride.

A couple of years ago I found an old EZ-3 on Craigslist and bought it for $75.00. That’s what started it all. Then I found Atomic Zombie and bought a 6 pack of plans. One day I took the EZ-3 to my sons house to get some help with needed repairs and we decided we could use the parts from the EZ-3 and build a modified DeltaWolf Trike for less trouble than we could fix the EZ-3. This was after first building a LWB Voyager that we named PoGo. PoGo was suspended and bounced a little (really a lot) when you pedaled. From that start my son, David, has built 6 or 8 recumbent. Some with my help and some without. It’s really been fun and the time spent with my son has been priceless.

Vision VR-40

This past weekend I went to visit my son and daughter for a few days. My son went with me to pickup a rear derailleur for my trike while I was in the Dallas area. We stopped by a bicycle shop in Richardson, TX to get the needed parts. My son pointed out a recumbent bike in back of the store among all the DF’s. I had seen it before on a visit several months before. Hmmmmmm, still there.

Over the time that we had built our recumbent bikes, I was always disappointed with the weight. But this bike I could pick up with one hand. Although it was several years old, it still looked almost new. David said the company had gone out of business in 2003 or 2004 but that really didn’t bother me. Almost all the parts were standard bike parts. We pulled it out of the rack and I sat on it for awhile. At that point we rolled it to the front of the store and the mechanic aired up the tires for us and we took it outside for a ride. David rode it around the parking lot and then around the building. On his return he yelled out to watch how well it handled when he was going so slow.

So, it followed me home.

I returned to Edgewood  with it late Monday, late enough that there was no time to ride. Tuesday I only had time to ride 4 or 5 miles. Today I had a funeral to attend. Tomorrow the weather looks perfect with highs in the 70′s. I hope to put in at least 20 miles. Ride report to follow.

Ride Report

I know for most of you an old Vision VR40 is old news, but for me it’s really keen.

It’s the first recumbent I’ve had with no wheel flop. I can hold the back of the seat and walk forward and it goes in a straight line. I can ride at 3 mph with no wobble and at 28.5 mph downhill and feel in complete control. I still need a little work with the tight turns, but I think that will come with time. I only rode 14 miles today because I recently had a Roto Rooter job on my right leg and didn’t want to push it. It was maybe the easiest 14 miles I’ve done on a recumbent because of the much lighter weight compared to the diy bikes I’ve built. Needless to say, I’m pleased with my $250 purchase.

Following are some Vision R40 links that I have been gathering.

Vision recumbent Information
The Vision was made by Advanced Transportation Products  in  Seattle, WA from 1994 – 2004
There is a wealth of information on the Vision Recumbent page.
There is a tech tip page and a chart to help you identify what year you bike was built.

There is a yahoo users group here. I’ve not used it much yet, but there is a lot of information.

BROL thread on R40


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