Electric Assist Drive

This is just a page for me that I am storing information (links) and ideas for electric assist drive on my trike.  This could be used for either push trailers or hub motors for each bike/trike.

Off and on for the last couple of years I though of building a push trailer with batteries and a genset.  My electronics have become very rusty since my HAM radio days back in the 70’s and 80’s.  I’ve cobbled together a temporary 24 volt  20″ hub motor on my trike just to see how I like electric assist.  I bought a couple of 12 v 20 ah SLA batteries and have been quite pleased with the results. It carries me along at a blazing 14 mph and with my assist I get about 20 miles out of a charge on a very heavy trike. All at a cost under $200.

Every blog and forum that I read dealing with the subject of electric assist for a bike someone will eventually ask about putting on a Harbor Freight generator with a power invertor and a battery charger inline to charge the batteries while you ride extending your range until you run out of gas.

This week I saw a Google Plus post that again peaked my interest.  https://plus.google.com/u/0/  So, like we often do, I took to Google to find other examples of gensets.   Well of course it has been done before.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genset_trailer  and the RAV Lone Ranger. http://www.evnut.com/rav_longranger.htm

I can’t find an example of where it has been done on a bike, but I think I’ve seen

hf motor

alternator 24v pictures before. Anyway, this is my take on how I would like to try.  Harbor Freight sells a small motor for $100 and e-bay has a 24 volt 50 amp alternator with built in regulator for $85.00. There it is, my genset for under $200 that may extend my range to 60 plus miles.

Strange how the mind works on cold, rainy days. I need to finish my velomobile body first.

Endless Spere.Com has to head any list for electronic drive information.  A big forum with many members and active groups.

Ping Batteries is a respected Chinese source for LiFePo4 batteries.

EM3EV An Englishman that has set up business in China. Sells hub motors and Li batteries.

Eco Speed has a nice reference page for  batteries. On second look, Eco Speed has good information on most aspects of electronic drives for bikes. Sylvia Halpern bought her system from them.

Electric Bike Solutions, LLC or Go Car Lite. Kit supplier and informative site. Kits and/or kits with batteries.

Powerizer source for many LiFePo batteries.


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