Bamboo Recumbents

This is a collection of bamboo bikes and recumbents. Both 2 and 3 wheeled. I’m trying to show as many different techniques as possible.

bamboobike Although my main interest lies in recumbents, I’m starting this page with a bike. The instructions on this build are excellent.

Building a Recumbent Bamboo Trike Frame

This bamboo trike is one of my favorites.

If your thinking of building a bamboo trike or bike this might be your best place to start.  Kent has shared tricks and techniques that could save you a lot of effort on your build.

bamboo-bike A Look Behind the Scenes: Klaus Volkmann, Bamboo Recumbent Bike Builder! (+ new bike update pictures!)I did an earlier post on this bike which was built for Dug Shelby will be riding 5,000 miles across the continental United States to raise awareness for victims of human trafficking.
streamliner1streamliner2 This is a stream liner bamboo frame.It was built as a Senior Project by Rich Nelson.Build thread here.Single Rider Human Powered Vehicle: Bamboo Recumbent Bike w/ Full Aerodynamic Fairing

Bamboo Bike Build – Part 1 – Getting Jiggy With It

Bamboo Bike Build – Part 2 – Wrapping it Up

Bamboo Bike Build – Part 3 – Final Touches

Follow all three links, you’ll be glad you did.


The Ajiro Bamboo Bike is Grown From the Ground Up. Shown here for its concept.

Grow your own recumbent. 

08-triporteur-600x480 FRITSCH+DURISOTTIEXPERIMENTAL LAMINATED BAMBOO TRI-CARRIERI find this very interesting. I wonder how widespread the availability of laminated bamboo would be?
Reclinada IPÊ Another bamboo recumbent by Klas Volkmann. 
PC1 Reclinada Bamboo Another bamboo recumbent by Klas Volkmann
Bamboo Recumbent Bike (1)

Carretera – Bamboo Recumbent Bike

The name comes from the third bike adventure conquered this summer when I rode across the Carretera Austral.
Bamboo Source This bamboo grower has supplied bamboo for several bikes. Here is a link to Beautiful Bamboo


Building A Bamboo BikeThis is a worthy source of information if you plan on building from bamboo. There are sections on types of bamboo, metal bits, building jigs, mitering, and other peoples projects. A good resource site.
Bamboo Forums Bamboo Forums also has an interesting thread of several bike builds.
Bamboosero Another source of builders information.

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