Recumbent DIY Plans

Tom Porter’s Recumbent Bike Homebuilder Plans

Mr Porter has 3 recumbent design including a 700c/650c Lowracer, 700c/700c High Racer and a 26″/406 Touring bike. Good explanation and blueprints presented for each bike.
AZlogo The Atomic Zombie site offer 37 digital plans at a small fee for each. These plans are aimed at the home builder. Plans are supplied in PDF format with pictures and good description of each step. Bikes and trikes are generally built of donor bike parts. There is also an enthusiastic support forum with many experienced builders online.Atomic Zombie also sells some home builder parts.
RRlogo Recycled Recumbent offers plans for a recumbent commonly known as a TE Clone. The online plans are free. If you don’t want to build from scratch you can buy just a frame set from Mr Carson. Plans for the most comfortable recumbent seat I have used are located here also. History has shown this style bike to be one of the longest designs around.The pages of Recycled Recumbent is a wonderful resource for any builder.

Build Your Own Recumbent Trike

Written By Rickey M. Horwitz

The drawings and specifications offered on this web page are for building an advanced version of the tried and trueThunderbolt Sports Recumbent Trike.  The original design dates back to 1994.  However, even today the performance of this trike is still impressive.  I am confident that you shall find my documents exceed in quality and detail to any plans available free or not.

Quick, Cheap and Easy-LWB

by Keith Moss

This is just one of the many plans by home builders found on the Homebuilders Forum at BROL forum.I thought it would fun to make a flipped frame recumbent.I used a ladies bike for the rear flipped upside down.The front is a men’s frame flipped for more rake.Here it is in mock up before welding. No jig needed to hold it together.Only 4 welds to make this frame. My buddy welded it up in about 15 minutes and was happy with $20 I gave him.

The Bike Project


Another free source of TE Clone plans on the site.

Build a long-wheelbase low racer recumbent bicycle

This instructable details how to construct a fast, inexpensive recumbent bike from one 1980’s-era road bike plus some bits off a scrap bike. You should be able to build this for around $100 less paint. I plan to document how to build the kid’s version shown in the video in the future.

The Recumbent Trike Design Primer
By Rickey M. Horwitz

Offering plans for building a trike will only teach you how to build one. However, once armed with the information on making a great trike; you will appreciate the compromises and risks associated with designing your own trike.
If your desire is building a trike from a set of existing comprehensive plans, check out my Thunderbolt /Spitfire recumbent trike plans at

Ground Hugger
A Recumbent Bicycle You Build From Plans

This unique human powered vehicle was developed and patented in the mid 1960s, and first introduced as “Ground Hugger” in a special plans offering by Popular Mechanics magazine. Ground Hugger’s sleek lines and elegant mechanical design captured the interest of bicycle manufacturers, worldwide.

How to Build a Streamliner

by Warren Beauchamp

I am somewhat dismayed by the number of faired HPV projects that turn out badly and and never used or only used a couple of times. One of the goals of the WISIL site has been to provide enough information about how to build a good fairing that it would allow someone to build one that actually works for them the first time. This web page will bring many of the thoughts, tips and recommendations together into one place.

Edgar K Atkins Plans

Edgar K Atkins freely gives some great plans including a lowracerr, a FWD MBB and a very versitile curved wood seat. Very good information and well presented.

Here is a long thread on BROL about FWD MBB. 

Jetrike Plans

an Open Design

Jetrike is a front wheel drive (FWD) tilting delta trike design that features self-centering tilt geometry. Its tilting mechanism works independently from the steering. The idea is to use the riders weight to remain centered as the trike becomes stationary. Check out the latest video on YouTube. (new)The project began with a quest to answer a seemingly impossible question: can a tilting mechanism be found for a FWD delta trike that will improve cornering speed, eliminate shimmy and also be self-centering? The only way I managed to find a solution was by spending countless hours doing CAD simulations.

Build Your Own Recumbent

This manual aims to help you in making your own recumbent bicycle. Free PDF format.

Recumbent Building 101

Video based plans

Recumbent Building 101 eliminates complicated Plans, Blueprints and thick Manuals.  Our easy to follow DVD videos walk you through the frame building process in building your own recumbent bicycle.  Each step of the building process is shown in clear up close video, using easy to follow instructions.  You are shown where to measure, cut  and fit each part.  It’s as if you hired a private consultant to come right to your home and show you how.SWB and LWB versions available.

Build your own recumbent bike, the camel bike, part 1.

No welding, done in a few spare hours,this bike is made from 2 old mountain-bikes (mtb).It took me about 2 plus 3 hours

I Built a No-Weld Recumbent Trike

Plans for a no welding required recumbent trike.

My DIY Carbon Fiber Recumbent Bike Odyssey

by Mark Rehorst

This is a very good tutorial for building a carbon fiber based SWB bike.

No Weld Aluminum Trikes On My Recumbent Reources

I did a special section on no weld trikes like the N55 Project elsewhere on this site.

FREE Plans for a SWB from
Atomic Zombie

Simple SWB Recumbent T

Here is a very simple 20 inch wheel short wheelbase recumbent bike that you can build in a few hours using nothing more than a kid’s bike and a few lengths of round tubing. This project makes a good starter recumbent and is a good experimenter’s platform for those who want to try out various seating positions and angles –See more of the great FREE Tutorial at Atomic Zombie

Long Wheelbase Easy Racer clone frame plans

by Warren Beauchamp

Another TE Clone project by Warren Beauchamp. Good instructions.
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5 comments on “Recumbent DIY Plans

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  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    Hello, how are you? Are you aware of anyone ever taking on a project, to build a custom “bugout” equipped, heavy duty industrial strength, traditional chopper or “lowrider” style recumbent trike? The frame should be able to accomdate at least 500 lbs, (if not more), where a spacious cargo area would be required behind the seat! Options such as a shotgun holster and/or mount, with a bullet proof windshield fairing, would be highly desired and ideal! Finished in a flat black, (rust resistant), primer, or other earth tones, would also be preferable! Other possible options could include a stereo/cb radio, cup holders, flood lamps… The limits are almost endless as to how such a bike could be “tricked out”??? Anyway, I have tried to present this idea to a industrial trike bicycle builder, without much success… Apparently, they didn’t seem to think that there was much of a market for such a bike!? So, I would appreciate it, if you could tell me what you think??? Thank you, for your time… L@@k forward to hearing from you!!!

    Best Regards,
    Joe Miriani

    • the biggest issue with tricking out a bug out trike would be weight. some folks make industrial trikes for hauling but they are heavy to begin with to be able to carry the weight. for normal bikes you can order what was called a xtracycle but now has a new name that bolts direct to a 26 in frame. they are great for hauling things but you will notice every pound you carry on even the slightest incline.someone makes a unit like the xtracycle( cant remember what it is called atm) that will mount to a variety of trikes and that would help. i cringe at thinking about trying to haul 500+ lbs on a bike/trike.

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  4. My solution to not finding anyone, or any dealer that carried exactly what I wanted was to build my own. That’s truly the only way to get what you want. I modified an atomic zombie design quit a bit but I got the quad that I wanted. I’m now making more for several family members and I found a new hobby in welding. Good luck. I’m also building a bicycle camping trailer.

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