DIY Fairing and Tailbox

Under Construction

If you plan to use Coroplast on a project and need answers, the Velomobiles– Coroplast Facebook page is a great place to start. There are tons of information and build examples.

Here is a versatile fairing I found on the AZUB Blog sight today. Easy to build, keeps you dry, doesn’t bake you under clear plastic and might add a little speed due to better aerodynamics. It could be covered by a variety of materials including Coroplast, painted Dacron, canvas, etc. A hood could easily be added to shade you head. The frame could be made of conduit, PVC pipe, fiberglass rods, etc. simplefairing

How to make a blown HPV fairing.

by Warren Beaucham

WISIL does it again by supplying us complete instructions for making a blown bubble fairing. Info located here.


Method for making 3D shaped fairing

by Vincer

An easy to make fairing not requiring heat to shape. The Instructable author used PETG or polycarbonate for the cover but other materials could be used also. A spreadsheet is supplied to calculate the shape of each segment in the fairing.


A Front Coroplast Fairing

by John Foltz

This fairing by John Foltz is economical and f=very functional. He has a very nice page of instructions.


Building the Orange II velomobile

by Bill Teubner

Bill had detailed illustrations of how he built his nosecone for his velomobile. A lot of good ideas here.


Front Fairing

by Freddyflatfoot

Nice pictorial of his fairing build.


Tri-County Recumbent Riders

Coroplast Workshop #1

Very good instructions on how to build a front fairing complete with a parts list and cost.


Tailbox Fairings

Tailbox for a trike (long)

by Pete Porpora

Pete has a detailed pictorial of his tailbox build on this thread on Atomic Zombie.


Coroplast Tail Fairing Construction

3 Versions on tis page.

by Warren Beauchamp

Documented build with complete trim drawing.


Tri-County Recumbent Riders

Workshop #2: Tailboxes

Examples of different club members building their tailboxes.

Mark Rehder shares his tailbox build. I like this one. Should hold a few days of groceries. tbox-rear

Full Fairings or Streamliners

 Rotator Pursuit Coroplast Fairing

by Paul Jones

 Paul writes of his progress through several generations of his full fairings using techniques used by  Warren on WISIL.


 Rick Gritters SOF streamliner

You can find information for Rick’s lowracer and streamliner here.  This was the first Skin On Frame build I had seen.


 Constructing the Foamshell

by John Tetz

John Tetz freely shares information on the WISIL site. This is a how to on an early streamliner.  This page will give you a lot of information on foam construction.


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