2 comments on “Texas State Highway 19 – Canton, TX

  1. Hi! Just discovered your website. I’m your neighbor in Emory. Just retired teacher, Cruzbike Softrider I’m slowly trying to turn into a touring bike. I rode hwy 19 last week, getting off at the nursery just south of the Sabine River and taking 859 into Edgewood. Have you taken your Hwy 19 tour yet? How did it go. I am slowly getting ready to do some similar touring. Turning 69 this October, want to gear up to do some self-contained bicycle touring/camping. Out of shape, weak knees, got to change gearing that is currently too high for hills and loads, upgrading wheels, components, etc.

    • Hi Tom
      Nice to hear from you again. I did make the trip to Athens and back. I know, that is far short of Huntsville to Paris and back but I’ll attack it again this summer. I had some health issues pop up again but I’m back on course again now. I’m looking for another lighter trike or a LWB recumbent now. Maybe we can ride together soon.

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